The No Legs Dresser

This is one of my latest projects.  The dresser was given to me because one of the legs had been completely broken off and they were so thin that I didn’t feel that it would end up being very sturdy by drilling and doweling the leg back on.  So..I cut off all of the legs and bought these finials to act as feet.  It worked!  All of the wood applique pieces were with it, including the “back splash”.


To be honest, re attaching all of the pieces that had been either taken off, or broken off was the hardest part of this project.  Some of them, I had to reform with wood fill.  I LOVE wood filler, Elmer’s has a wood filler that is pink and when it is dry turns a generic sort of tan. That stuff is AWESOME!!  I used it on this and smoothed out the curves with super fine sand paper. I filled all of the holes, cracks, chips, and even some of the rough spots with it, let it dry, and then sanded it with my sander and by hand.



I did the paint with a sample of Valspar’s Vanilla Steam. I “antiqued” it with some very watered down Valspar’s Timber Dust.  I just added water until it was thinned out, and then applied it with a sponge and wiped it off with a clean, soft rag. (I repurpose my husbands white, got too icky for work,  t shirts)  I did prime it with Kilz stain block for wood first.

I have to say that prepping a project like this one is key. This piece is veneered, and the veneer had lifted in many areas. I tried to glue down as many of those pieces as I could. Some of it just had to be removed, I sanded A LOT!!! I think she came out of it pretty and useful again!

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