A little more of what I have been doing…


This cute little table was given to my oldest daughter Beth by her Aunt Barbara.  It is such an adorable little table, but it had difficulty staying in one piece.  So at Beth’s request, I fixed the wobbly issue.  She also wanted it painted an awesome color. She settled her sights on Valspar’s Pantone color Peacock Blue. This was primed with Zinsser water based primer, and because it is a table top, I did four thin coats of Minwax clear satin polyurethane.



This poor little box shelf was in really bad shape.  It was a project that I had started, stopped…forgot about, and finally got around to finishing.

I primed this little shelf with my favorite Zinsser oiled based primer (there was stuff on this thing that I wanted to make sure wouldn’t bleed through, and I wanted to make sure I got a good base for my paint.  I painted it with Olympic’s Timeless Taupe in a semi gloss. This was honestly some very amazing paint. (I am not lucky enough to be sponsored by Minwax, Zinsser, Valspar or Olympic. These products just happen to be my favorites or were recommended by people I know and trust. So, use what you have, or what your favorites are.) I liked the way the paint went on, and I LOVE this color.  Thinking about doing my guest room in it…we’ll see. 🙂



This little end table came to me in pretty bad shape. The finish was mostly gone, flaking off where it wasn’t.  I really didn’t have to strip it, I just sanded it really well. I used Minwax Red Mahogany and Minwax clear gloss polyurethane.


I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!