I fell in love with these shelves when I went to my favorite thrift shop and was able to purchase them both for $5.32. The catch was that one had been dropped off of a truck, damaging the top. So, I replaced the tops on both so that they matched. This pic is with the tops replaced and primed.

After sanding them both and doing some minor wood putty fill on a few dings I used Zinsser’s water based stain block primer on them both. I painted them both with a white semi gloss paint and the inside with Valspar’s Encounter (this is a sky blue color..very pretty!)

20150131_180737  20150204_14435220150206_13471920150206_214803

I got new brushed nickel knobs, and set them up in my office.


I really needed these babies…I have a lot of books.

Another project done!

Have a great day and happy projects!