Making the Workbenches

I have to tell you, I never thought in a million years I would be so excited over a workbench.  My Pop, who lives in North Carolina has them in his shop (by the way…it is a whole bunch cooler than mine. Here is a shout out to you Pop!!) but I never thought about what it took to build one.  Until now….


I didn’t take any pictures while I was constructing these, mainly because I was so excited to build them.  This one is just a simple two shelf bench. I took how I saw other benches built and put it all together, and built one to suit me.  I figured out what height was comfy for me to work at, and how much space I would need to work on.


I felt the first one came out so good…and as I needed to get some of my power tools off of a project that they had accumulated on (a table that I had been working on until I needed space to put my table saw, etc.). So I decided to build another one, but this time with three shelves.

20150218_113247 - Copy


It’s a little shorter, but it is also wider and longer.  I wanted to be able to store my table saw, tile saw, drill press, stand sander, and miter saw on it.  I got most of them on it!  I built these in one day each. It is a fantastic project for someone starting out.  I used my jig saw, drill and electric screwdriver, a square, a pencil and a tape measure. Give it a try!!