Guess what I’ve been doing?

OH YES!!  More furniture projects,

These headboards were already painted, and I just gave them a good cleaning, sanded them (and in not the real detailed way I am always reading that “you should always..” who likes sanding?). 20150221_14105820150221_152321

and then put a coat of semi gloss, latex paint on them. I painted the inside of the cubbies with some leftover Valspar’s Lyndhurst Gallery Beige (it is a dark color, and now I wish I had used something more bright.)   I have a king sized bed, and these two headboards reach from side to side…I am thinking one day of making them into a day bed…but that’ll be another post.

I also have been working on a table for my daughter. She uses some of the furniture I re-finish/paint in her classroom.  This is one of those projects.

20150221_15195920150221_142418I really didn’t think about taking the before pics of this table. I do however, want to point out that if you are going to paint a piece of furniture, start with it upside down!!!!  I can not stress this enough. It makes things so much easier. Find a work surface that is a comfortable height for you to work on, and then…turn it over. It insures good coverage, to all those places you would not see otherwise. Especially with primer.  I included a pic of the primer I like to use. (I must include that Zinsser, and Valspar does not pay me to advertise for them. I use these products because I find that they work best for me. Use what works best for you.)  I love the color of this piece it is called Sumptuous Purple by Valspar.  I got a sample of it for just a few dollars. This is enough to do a project without having purple paint just sitting around. Although, I have to say….I do love this purple!

20150217_174402I put a clear coat of polyurethane on the table top because….well….it’s a table top.


Happy projects, from my garage to yours!


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