The Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet

There are times in life when you make a choice, based on what you feel best at that moment.  My mother gave me this sweet little cabinet, to keep skeins of yarn, thread, needles, a thimble, and all of the stuff that makes us capable of sewing by hand (bwahahaha,….as if!). I thought it’d make great jewelry storage, but when I brought it up to my mom I could hear the shudder in her voice.  There was no altering it (not that she’d outwardly object, but in deference to her feelings about the only thing she has of her grandfather….well, I just couldn’t.)  But this little thing was in some bad shape. I had to try to restore what I could.


There was significant moisture damage, and of course as you can see, the veneer is peeled off.  One of the little flip top to the side had a chunk missing.  I figured, a new top, a refurbished finish, and we’d call it a day.

Well, I got the top cut out and “installed” for lack of a better word, but I just can’t seem to settle on a finish.

20150225_14390220150225_143830I don’t know if I should paint it, give it a completely new finish, or refurbish the finish that is already there.  Stay tuned and I will post the outcome of this cute cabinet.

Happy projects from my garage to yours!!


As an update to this post, I did finally finish this cabinet.

wpid-20150909_125831.jpgAs a side note…I realized that I really suck at setting those tiny little hinges.


But she is at home in the guest room, where I am sure no one is checking my hinges lol…:-)

From my garage to yours!