Sorry it has been so long…

Hello everyone!

Life has a way of getting away from all of us, from time to time.  I have been busy trying to get things ready for spring. I started with a facelift to the landscaping in the front yard and backyard.

20150401_153233[1]The front just needed something simple, so I started by clearing out all of the debris that was there from those whom had lived here previously and that the winter had kind of killed back. The plants were moved into the bed in the backyard…I raked all of the old mulch back and scrubbed the brick.  This picture is after the clearing and scrubbing.  It is amazing to me how doing something as simple as scrubbing off the old black marks, and stuff from plants and fungus/algae that get on your house front, makes such a difference!

20150402_180631[1]I didn’t want to do anything that was fussy, or would need a lot of upkeep.  My Pop always said to take things one step at a time, and I agree.  Especially when it comes to landscape, making things simple and evolving it from there is always the best bet!  So, I put in some Croton, mulch, and cleaned off the coquina rocks that I dug up in those same beds.  Not bad….Not great, but not bad!


The pictures suck, but I was taking them with my phone, so I do apologize.

I decided in all of this that I wanted to do a small raised bed.  Something close to the backdoor, that would hold some kitchen herbs for cooking. (my back door goes into my kitchen). Now, I don’t mean to sound critical, but all of those pallet raised gardens just didn’t make sense to me.  I have an old pallet (it is a really small one that my brother, Robert gave me…go figure!) After looking on Pintrest, searching the internet, and asking around, I decided to do my own thing.

I took the two pieces of wood that were on the “bottom” off.  I cut some pieces of wood to fit the sides and made a box.  I stacked trim pieces around the new top, and screwed them in (I have never liked using nails in wood…it just doesn’t hold like a galvanized screw.)

20150331_130521[1]This picture to the left is the finished product. I lined the bottom of the bed with newspaper and filled it with potting soil.  I put herbs I bought for 1 dollar a piece at the farmers market.

I realize though, that the rosemary (because essentially its a bush)  and the lemon balm (which is invasive) are going to have to be transplanted.


I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!!!

From my yard to yours,