My Goodness It’s Hot!!

I have been working on all of my projects. The time though for being out in the garage has come to a halt.  I have a tendency to avoid temps of over 100 degrees. I live in sunny Florida, where my garage feels like an oven right now…I am not whining….I know there are probably other places that have it as bad.  Me though? Nuh uh…not doing it!  So, I work on what I can in the early morning (I am sure my neighbors just love me), and then I come inside and sew, bake, and clean.  From the end of June through to the end of October the heat will keep me inside…much like the cold in winter, in other states, keep people who live there inside.  So, although I do have a couple of projects to add to my blog, it takes me longer to complete them.

For instance:

wpid-20150521_202649.jpgThe cuteness of this magazine table….book racks on both sides, two shelves, and the wonder of an end table top.  I love this thing…but it does look kind of bad, huh? (ok, really bad…but give it a break, this girl has been around since before I was born! nope, not telling when that was!!!!!!)

So…I got to work on it.  I decided to paint it…the wood was sort of messed up, and the racks were broken..(I didn’t realize that until I painted them though….oops!)

wpid-20150528_142514.jpgOne side looked ok. The other side, the top was broken off, the design in the wood cracked and broken…then I realized there was a crack all the way through the “good” side.  Ok…gotta replace them.

wpid-20150612_114153.jpgSo I struggled (the sides were not the same width or height), and got them in there and decided to paint them….  I really love the newer racks…not as fancy, but definitely sturdier!

I like them painted…and I love the teal I used.  This is Valspar’s Fish Story. I got a sample of it and let me tell you….I have plenty left (you can’t beat a paint sample for three bucks from Lowe’s in any color they have! Including colors that are not Valspar!!!) I stained the wood in Minwax dark walnut and then  I waxed the surface…but then,.. you’ll see.

wpid-20150612_133904.jpgI wanted to do something different, and things were taking so long because of the heat. So I decided that on this very flat paint finish, I would do a wax finish.

Now, I am not a fan of wax surfaces…I like sturdy.  Wax is not a sturdy finish…it has to be re waxed, in it’s lifetime, and you cannot treat it with the disregard you would something that had a polyurethane finish. But it sure is pretty. No offence to all of those out there who use all of those expensive soft waxes…but this girl can not justify spending that kind of money.  I bought a can of Johnson’s wax paste in the yellow can. Cost a few bucks…it stinks (I am not a fan of the smell, but it’s wax and the smell goes away).  I finally finished it…


I used a half pint mason jar with a lid and filled it half way with the softened wax (the can of wax had been sitting in my garage/oven for a couple of days), and then used dark walnut stain from Minwax and mixed it together.  After applying just plain wax to the surfaces (of course after the paint and stain had dried)…I applied with a trimmed chip brush (I just took my shop scissors and trimmed it till it didn’t look like shredded hair anymore…) and brushed the stain wax mixture on the paint….dabbed, brushed, and let it dry…then with clean rags (the husbands icky t shirt rags) I buffed it off….and buffed….and buffed…and buffed…. you get the picture…

wpid-20150614_152746.jpgI know that the pictures kinda suck….I do all of my photos with a phone…its the only digital camera I have.

I hope you all liked my post, and I will be on more now that the weather has hit.  From my oven (oops, I meant garage!!!) to yours!!  Happy Projects!