Yes! I jumped onto the headboard bench craze,but what’d you do with headboards you don’t need?

Once upon a time, a long time ago (when I was a little girl)…ok…a long, long time ago. I went to my Gram’s house. In the upstairs room where my sister and I stayed were two single beds, with wooden headboards. The only thing that was special about those headboards was that they were always there. Never changing… year after year.  One day when I grew up, my Gram gave those headboards to me… (and I had no idea of what to do with them).  So they traveled with me, from house to house…through out my lifetime.  Then one day…Pintrest was born…and everyone in the land started taking headboards and converting them into benches.  This is another one of those stories…lol

sorry, they just turned out sooo stinking cute, I had to add this post.  I don’t know who started this movement…but I have to say…I did not like the idea of making these to where they couldn’t be converted back into headboards.  My nostalgic attachment to a piece of wood with legs is probably what stayed my hand at cutting them apart.

wpid-20150213_131136.jpgwpid-20150605_143629.jpgIsn’t amazing what paint can do?  I love paint…  This bench and the one that will match it when I make it, will sit at my kitchen table.  From my garage to yours!!

Happy Projects!