It’s Been A While!

Hey!!  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything, but life has a way of getting away from me.  I hate being in the garage in the deep heat of the deep south. I have however, gotten some things accomplished.

For instance, this very cute stool….well, ok…not so cute right now. But she has potential.

wpid-20150825_112542.jpgI had this stool ever so long ago. It had a cushion on it.  My oldest daughter moved out into an apartment that had a breakfast bar…and so, this stool and another (no, they didn’t match, but we put cushion covers on them in the attempt…lol) went into the apartment.  I got them both back recently, and this one had the cushion torn off.  Not a big deal…I sat and looked at it. Then went onto Pintrest and the internet in general to see what we could use this for.

So I sanded the legs down, and prepped them for painting.

wpid-20150825_112615.jpg I really didn’t do a great job…just made sure that what was left of the finish was scuffed up, and the marks around the bottoms of the legs were sanded off.  Then I decided to put two shelves on the bottom.

wpid-20150825_121806.jpgQuite honestly…that is pallet wood for the shelves.  I cut what I needed with my chop saw, and decided on which direction I wanted them to go in.  I could have put them on the lower rungs and had a sort of “stopper” in front of the shelves. As this was going to my youngest daughter (who loves to read) I thought it might be better, if books were to go onto these shelves, to make it where they were at easy access. The wooden round is a table top I got from Home Depot for my oldest daughter’s wedding cake to sit on. The round cost around 5 bucks. I felt this was a good use for it.

I decided to paint the legs in what I had left of the Valspar’s Fish Story, it is a beautiful teal.

wpid-20150825_130607.jpgI didn’t get a picture of it, but after doing a dry run with the table round, I painted the edge of the existing round top.

I decided at this point that I was going to make it match the magazine table I did, as they were both going into the same room. So I stained the wood in Minwax Dark Walnut.

wpid-20150825_143955.jpgI loved how this turned out…but knowing that this table would be going to a house with a child, I decided to polyurethane the shelves and top.


I think it came out pretty good!!

So that is one of the projects I did this summer! I hope it inspires you to not throw out old furniture…even if it is broken…there is always a way to make use of it!!

From my garage to yours!!