The Desk That I Made Into A Cabinet!

Ok, this is another story of my brother Robert.  He had been saving a desk for quite some time for my youngest daughter.  I finally found the time to go and get it, and it got parked in my garage. Just like so many things do  And the little voice in my head said, “I will get to it eventually”…eventually came sooner than expected.

This thing was ugly…and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, so I kept moving it around my garage, and moving it, and moving it…..

wpid-20150609_121704.jpgUntil one day, I picked it up and it cracked across the top. Yep, I had picked it up from the wrong side. One of the legs had already buckled a bit…(this is a story of why you should never push furniture) So, I came up with the idea to saw it in half!!  Yep!  My other half looked at me as though I had lost my mind!  And promptly came out and helped me like the good hubby he is!!

wpid-20150722_114511.jpg Soooo, When we cut this thing in half..what I wasn’t prepared for, was that there was a piece of wood on the side that attached the long drawer to the rest of it.  I hammered, and pulled and used my utility bar…and finally got it off! and it looked bad….so bad, that I had to fill it!

wpid-20150724_121302.jpgI thought, “this is gonna look like sh*t!!!”  But, I let the wood fill dry (I love the stuff that is pink when it’s wet and dries to a tan color!!)  and sanded the crap out of it!!!  I was sure that I had ruined this thing and was going to have to tell my brother that it ended up in the trash.

But one thing that I have learned from doing all of this, is that even if it looks like a failure, don’t give up.  Finish it!!!  You would be amazed at how many times I didn’t like it until I got to the end.

wpid-20150725_100623.jpg So we used the trusty ole Zinsser primer. When I saw it primed, I got a new perspective, this just might work.  Everyone wanted to know why I cut the one side so wide…the main reason is cause that is where we cut it. It was just on the cabinet side of the crack I had put in it.  And I wanted the top to be as big as possible. Plus…I liked that it was different, and not perfect…

So with the white of the primer on it…I decided to go with a warmer white.  I went with Olympic’s Bone White.

wpid-20150727_171412.jpgI have to say…I went to Hobby Lobby for the knobs!  WHO KNEW??? They have the most amazing selection of knobs and the prices aren’t bad if you wait for a 50% off sale!!  I think the knobs make this little cabinet!  I really like how she turned out.

So, Moral of the story: This could have ended up in a land fill. Now this old girl has a few more years to be of use!

From my garage to yours!