To Stain or Not to Stain…that is the question…sometimes.

Hey Ya’ll!!  Back again!

So, I had an antique sideboard that had been severely water damaged during hurricane Andrew, down south Florida way.


The veneer lifted due to the amount of water that had poured onto it, and my Gram decided to pull it off.  Eventually I ended up with this piece and finally decided to fix what I could.  I had the table to this set, and the base had fallen completely apart but the top was in good shape. The table was one of those that had the leafs that dropped down and under on the ends.


I decided to cut the top of the table to replace the wood on it’s matching sideboard.  Not a bad idea…right? OMG…this thing was heavy, hard to lift and I did it with out waiting for my mule…the Hubby!  Not a smart move on my part. But after smashing my hand, I finally got it in a position where I could take it apart.    20150616_160735

I used the old pieces as a template, and then had to fit them.  The table top was much thicker than the sideboard shelves I decided to replace.


Initially I thought that the wood wouldn’t match well enough to just stain and poly. I was absolutely convinced that I would have to paint it.  While I was working on this, I had been working on the stool end table shelf that is posted earlier on here.  Well…while I was staining the round top and shelf planks, I spilt some of the stain onto the top of the sideboard (I know, horrible me…I work on top of pieces I am working to my crazy world!). Of course I grabbed a rag and rubbed it in. I liked the way it looked, so,…I thought…it’s pretty signature me to leave the shelves wood and paint the body, maybe THAT is what I will do!!  Heh, heh…yeah, right.     I let the stain fly, I finished sanding out what I hadn’t already on the body of this piece and started staining.  Oh, what a sight!!  The wood didn’t match exactly but it did enough for me to not feel bad about staining the entire thing.20150822_11312420150825_095545

I knew that this was going to my youngest daughters, temporarily. So it had to have a durable finish on it. So stained and poly’d it was!!

I noticed that the original knobs were cracked.  So…off to Hobby Lobby we went, and got it some new ones!

Don’t they look good together? I thought so too!

20150827_100729It just goes to show, you don’t always have to paint a piece.  I know it’s the trend, but I believe that the only time you should paint a piece of furniture is when there is no recourse.  I know that this old girl will have many years left in her, and will last for another four generations to come.

From my garage to yours!!