Getting Benched

I used to live in a house where I had an eat in kitchen and a dining room.  This was required with the rather large family I have. So, I had two tables, and ten dining room chairs..(not to mention the rest of my “chair collection”, which I didn’t realize I had until an old friend of mine decided to enlighten me.)  Well, the wonder of moving into a different home is that you have to expand or retract on the STUFF level until you find a good fit.

white chairs before I am retracting…  I had these chairs in a different post. I liked these chairs, I had fun redoing them…and giving them all new seats.  But in this house, they were left out in the garage sad and unused.

white chairs afterSo I decided it was time to do something about this.  With the youngest needing furniture and quite honestly feeding that furniture addiction that I have…I felt that these could be put to better use.  My oldest daughter had wanted a bench…and although she has nowhere to put this one…it isn’t like the youngest wouldn’t take it.  So I found myself on a mission:  To build a chair bench!!!  Why not? I asked myself, it isn’t like I didn’t do a headboard bench…  So I took them apart and It began!

wpid-20150828_152048.jpgThe first thing to decide was how the bench would go together.  I had a hard time with design on this. I watched YouTube videos and read Pintrest post, and other bloggers versions of this. Now, I am not saying that what those people did isn’t spot on.  I just needed to do this in traditional Lorie fashion. I prefer furniture that is sturdy and even chunky, and I just can’t bring myself to take apart something that isn’t broken without good cause.  To me…this just wasn’t good cause. So I got on with the process.

I decided on my favorite color…red!wpid-20150908_142848.jpg

I painted a dresser I use as a TV stand this color. It’s Olympic’s Gumball Red, in a semi gloss finish.   I found this to be a rather dynamic red, which is why I like it!! And although it took a long time,  I decided on having the chairs in the facing each other configuration. I cut some scrap wood I had and routed the edges…then decided it would need a back.  I stained the wood in mahogany red, and used Minwax polyurethane on it.

wpid-20150919_135204.jpgI wasn’t sure about how this would sit.  My opinion of furniture is that it must look good, but it could look great all day long, if no one wants to sit on it, what’s the point?  So here is the dry fit on the seat and the back. It sat fairly well…So I finished it.

wpid-20150920_125555.jpgwpid-20150920_125645.jpgI am really happy with the outcome! I wasn’t trying to make it not look like chairs were involved, I just wanted a certain shape. This one works for me, what’d you think?

wpid-20150920_125710.jpgIt just goes to show, that even old dining room chairs can find a new life. I like this trend, and I think that this will look great no matter what home it finds!

From my garage to yours!!



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