It’s been a year.

I was told that in order to have a successful blog, you must write consistently. I think that is true, although life has a way of getting in the way of the things you want to do or the things you HAVE to do. I have been doing what I have had to do for the past year. Now I can write about the things I like to do again.

I also think that a successful blog happens when you have a catchy title, lots and lots of friends, and content that is original and stuff people can use.

My blog may not be considered successful, but it is all me.  YAY ME!!!

So…on to a post!!!  Yes, I have things to share!

This is the story of a little table.  I was taking my other half to work one morning recently, and I took a direction that he wasn’t completely in agreement with.  As I turned the corner onto a residential back road, there were two tables on the side of the road.  I saw them…let out an, “AWWWW”…and stopped and backed up.  I got them,… both.



This little table was one of them…and the cutest thing. But, what I noticed right away was that the second shelf was split, and the spindles were all coming out or loose.


Now, the spindles (which I LOVE) I could fix, the second shelf, I knew that it could be fixed, but that it would not be nearly as sturdy.  I likes me some sturdy furniture.  Hey!  I have grandkids!!  So, I knew that a modification would be in this little guy’s future.


So, this is what I came up with.  I put the top shelf, onto the bottom shelf. It worked.  Now at this point, I knew this cute little table had sat outside in the weather. Mainly because the finish was a little milky, and it was scratched up pretty bad.  So I stripped and sanded her down.  I did what I now call my signature finish on her, and painted the bottom, stained the top.


This is before I antiqued the legs and skirt and applied polyurethane to the entire piece.


I know the pics aren’t the greatest, but this is the finished product!  (Buffy is doing her best to photo bomb!)  I used Minwax dark walnut and polyurethane satin finish, the paint is Valspar Coconut Cream I used Minwax dark walnut to antique it by waiting for the paint to cure, brushing the stain on, and then wiping it off.

So! you will see me on here more!!

From my garage to yours!!!