I am in it for the long haul. Yes I love furniture!

Furniture tells the story of the many lives and hands that it passed through.  Who built it? Who bought it? Why did they get rid of it and how? 20150825_103157

In the case of furniture that has been around a long time, (if I know it’s history) I revel in the fact that I will fix, repair, and make it useful and beautiful again. So that many years from now hopefully my great-great grandchildren will display it and proudly proclaim that my handwriting is on the bottom of the drawer telling; where it came from, what I did to it,  why I did it, and what year it was done.

If I don’t know it’s history, then usually I have saved it from becoming trash.  Occasionally, I will receive a piece from someone who knows that I like to do this and donates it to my addiction.  Personally, I like to think that I give it a new life. I was informed recently that only dreamers think that way.  Here I thought I was being logical.


The intertwining of people and furniture (in my opinion) is a very intimate thing. What could be more intimate than the chair you sit in everyday, the table you eat at, or the side table that holds the books you read and the cup of coffee you drink?  All of the things that make up our lives and all of the spectrums of emotion we have, are done on and around the things that make our lives comfortable.  Furniture.  Home is a place that offers that feeling of put your feet up, relax and de stress, comfortable and is well known. CAM00064

I know we live in a world of TV programing and Internet access that steers us toward a very design conscious mentality when it comes to our homes. The trendy, sometimes over done, the magazine worthy rooms that no one could ever possibly keep that way. The de clutter, over organized concepts that are great… if all your time can be spent organizing your stuff. Okay, okay…some of these things are really great.  I love the idea catalog that Pintrest is for me.  I love to use some of the organizing tools I have learned from the internet and the boatload of blogs out there.  However; that having been said, I think it takes a lot of discipline to stay organized (I am only half way there..), and unless no one lives in the rooms of your house…those magazine worthy rooms are just not happening. At least not for long!!!

It is ok to have furniture that doesn’t match, it’s ok to not have your room designs down pat or to be in a constant state of flux. I plan to a degree and then I give it room to breathe.  Like a good bottle of wine. Honestly,  I prefer it that way…the ever evolving change in my house reflects my life.  It is ever changing, and things that make sense today, may not tomorrow.  Like life, it is never done. 20160925_165941

The next time you have a piece of furniture that you have outgrown, don’t throw it away.  Give it a new life, or give it away. Donate it, or find a person just starting out…or having to start over.

From my laptop to your ears and hopefully your heart,