I Did This For Less Than $20

It was a couple of days after hurricane Matthew had hit. Trees and power lines were down everywhere. People seemed dazed and a little confused. No power, water damage and trees on houses and cars were a popular theme.  We lucked out with minimal damage.

After the storm had passed, and we were on our way to our daughter’s house. I found this little gem.

20161019_171123I knew that this was veneer over fiber board, and that it had obvious damage.  But…I saw potential.  And the price was as right as it would or could ever get!!!

I decided that some of it’s parts were just not worth saving, the side doors on it were pretty bad. So I removed them and this was the results.


I have a habit of getting really excited at this point and I usually forget to take pictures.  Also, we have just moved into this house, so finding things is a bit of a nightmare.  So, I used spackle to fill the holes down both sides where the hinges had been attached (yes, the kind you would use to fill holes that you make in a wall).  Of course I also removed all of the pulls and hardware. One thing about painting a piece like this that I love is that I can experiment with it (mostly because all that I would lose on the financial end, is my time and a small amount of materials).  So, yes to drywall spackle.


I used my standard Zinsser water based primer on this and I wasn’t sure if it would adhere to some places on what I am now calling the TV console, but it did!! Also I wasn’t sure if I had enough paint to paint this thing…so I took all of the samples I had that were of a neutral nature and mixed them together.


After going through all of my saved chips, this color is the same, or at least extremely close, as a color called Drifting Dune.  It is a beige-grey-white. It works! I did three coats of paint with a sponge roller.


If you are going to paint a surface, you don’t need a sprayer for that nice flat finish.  They make it look easy, until you realize that just like spray paint in a can…there is overspray, and clouds of paint.  I have learned all of this the hard way.(I am not saying don’t use a sprayer. I am just saying when you are doing a small job, sometimes less is more.)  Sponge rollers will give you a nice flat paint finish and you don’t have to construct a paint booth to use it.

Here is the finished product!!

20161022_144612Yes, it took a little work, but look at all of that storage and shelves!! Plus the TV fits so well!  More proof that furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune!  Oh, and by the way, the knobs are from Hobby Lobby 50% off.  My total investment in this piece is: $12.00 for the knobs, and if I count the paint at around $3.00 for a full sample, a couple of bucks for the primer,… this baby cost me less than $20.00 and isn’t rotting in a landfill!!!

From My Garage To Yours!!