I Just Couldn’t Wait to Share!

I love it when I find a good deal.  I almost come unglued at the seams when I find something that is free!!20161027_1640291

This filthy little dresser was on the side of the road…I know (gasp!!) you have never heard of such a thing!!!  I drove by it once…and decided that if it was still there I would pick it up on my way back.

It was still there waiting for me.  So into the back of the truck she went.  My other half loaded it up for me like the good hubby he is!!


On to the dresser….  I really had no idea what I was going to do with this thing at first.  Honestly, that is very unlike me.  Most furniture that I pick up…I have a plan for.  But this little diamond in the rough was a pure pity pick up.  So I stuffed her into the garage and went about my business.  I walked past her…and got the feel of the height and width of her.  One day a couple of weeks later…it hit me!  A kitchen island!!!  OH YES!!!  So I started planning what color, and really looking at the floor space in the kitchen trying to decide if the space was big enough to accommodate an island. I went as far as taping together peices of paper the same size as what I wanted, and putting it on the floor in the kitchen with my shop stool on top of it.  Just so I could get the feel of what it would be like.  I got really ansy at this point, cause I wanted that kitchen island, NOW!! lol…I can’t tell you how many times I said that to my other half.  He puts up with me so well!


I decided white would be the color of the body, and that I was going to do a stained wood top approximately one inch all the way around, bigger than the current top.  So that meant I needed wood, pallet wood to be precise. So I stopped at my favorite place for pallets (the business is called Superior Stone, they do some amazing work!!) and saw that they had set out some remnants next to the pallets….for free!!!!I picked up the most amazing piece of black stone, and through research came to the conclusion that it is soapstone.  There is a small defect in one corner…but I am ok with that!!!  20161103_0829131



So I primed and painted and got her inside.  I wasn’t really sure what to do with the knobs. Usually I go to Hobby Lobby and pick out something amazing!  But with Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas right around the corner, things are a bit tight.  So I was going to have to make do!

20161121_0826521I went ahead and set her up in the kitchen… I just love the height of this thing.  I will eventually take my shop stool back out to the shop, once I build a new stool for in here.

I thought long and hard about the knobs, and decided that at least for the time being, I would use what I have.  So I gathered up the knobs that were on her and hand sanded all of them down to clean and free of yuk.  Yes, yuk is an actual thing…at least in Lorie world it is.

So…I worked on the knobs (I did this yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to share this!) and this is what I came up with.


This was a simple thing really.  I sanded the wooden knobs, which are probably the cheapest knobs on the market, unremarkable, round and made of wood. But what is good about them is that they can be finished in so many ways.  I was really unaware of how many things you could do to make these knobs more custom yourself, everything from staining, decoupage, hand painting, spray painting, stenciling, and so on…I am sure you get the picture. Out of all of the knob crafting I found, the one idea I really liked was using a type of machined nut and  using epoxy , attaching a stone, crystals, glass, beads, sculpting out of poly clay…that list is limitless… and using a proper sized machined screw to attach it.  I couldn’t get all fancy at this point.  I wanted to keep it on the cheap for now. So I used some black craft paint, watered down for a stain, and some water based polyurethane to finish it. The above pic is what I got.

20161121_1918081It’s not terrible. I think they are way to small, but the Hubby loved them.  So, I did this with a remnant piece of soapstone, Olympic One Ultra White Semi Gloss paint (that I bought for another project), and some Minwax water based polyurethane (that I had leftover from a few other projects) and some black craft paint.  Zero dollars!!  And this pity pick up isn’t in a landfill!

From my garage to yours!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!