The Fishy Table

My brother Robert is the person who feeds my addiction for refinishing, or rethinking furniture, the most. He has supplied me with many furniture pieces, most that really just needed to be cleaned up and the finish refurbished.  This is not one of those  pieces.

This poor little beach table, it was sad, flakey, and kind of…messed up. (for lack of better terminology).

Here is the before pic of this sad little table, and I want to note…this is after it had been cleaned up (and by cleaned up, I mean that I had scraped paint off of it for two hours!).


I found out as I started sanding this table that it was made of cedar.  I really wanted to redo it in that natural cedar color. Not happening.  I couldn’t get all of the paint removed…but I did get a lot of it sanded off.

20161214_1147091I will be cleaning up blue paint dust for forever in my garage!!  The top was really bad too!


So I sanded and cleaned and worked really hard to get all of the flaky stuff off.  I got to the stain and prime stage and of course got excited and forgot to take a picture and moved on to painting it. But here is the next pic.I had gotten the top cleaned up and stained and painted the bottom at this point.


The stain is Minwax’s Red Mahogany and the paint is Olympic’s  Blue Songbird.  I really liked where this was going, but I just wasn’t feeling the blue.  I love the color, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for, it didn’t scream “BEACH” at me.  So, I sat and thought about it, and came up with this idea.20161226_1304511

This is a paint wash over the blue.  The color I used to do the wash is Valspar’s Fish Story.  I had a tad left over and just made sure that the paint was cured. Not just dry, but CURED.  I mixed water with the Fish Story and painted it on, wiped it off, paint it on, wipe it off, until you get the results you are looking for.  These kinds of finishes really have no wrong or right, just go with it and if you don’t like it…try again.


Finished product…Better than the before!!  And this fishy just screams, “Take me to the beach!!”

From My Garage To Yours!!!