The Kids Table

This table has been around a few years. It was made many years ago by my Grandpa. It was left on the deck outside at Grams and Grandpa’s house in North Carolina for several years and had started to rot. My Mom saved it and gave it to me with the hopes that I would set it to rights.  I had to rebuild most of it…out of more scrap wood, not that it is a big deal. It was built from scrap to begin with.  I knew that I could not match the finish on the pieces that had survived so that meant it was going to get painted, at least part of it was getting painted.20160922_153521-copyI used the old pieces as a template, and tried to get everything realigned correctly.  That sounds SO much easier than it was. After a bit of frustration I got it put together and began to sand the entire thing. I think the hardest part of most of these projects is slowing down and giving things enough time to dry before putting on the next layer.  I get excited and have a tendency to not take the pics I need, cause I want to get it done.


I think that this little table came out fine. Now I can once again enjoy the little table that Grandpa made!!

From my garage to yours!!