Hi! I’m Lorie, come and see what I have been doing!

Hi!! My name is Lorie! I have been refinishing, painting, fixing and upholstering furniture for years. Some say it’s an addiction, I say it is just my passion.

I love furniture!  All kinds, all genres, all makes and models, I never met a dresser I didn’t like! People, there is NO REASON to throw away furniture…it can always be made into something either more functional, or just improved, or in the event that there is no more room for it…give it to someone in need!!  That is the point behind my blog… I find furniture in the most unusual places…mostly on the side of the road…sometimes in thrift shops, or garage sales.  If you need furniture, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get what you need, just a creative eye and maybe a little paint! (and a good friend with a truck!!)